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The Cougar Partnership is about providing the agility to adapt to a new challenge, the power and expertise to act quickly once the mission is understood, and the vision to find a deliverable solution at pace.

We want long term client relationships and our strategy of fully immersing ourselves into your business so we not only understand the objectives, but also the culture and feel of your operation is key to creating an empathy for future work together. In most instances we will re-assign the same consultant to you, helping to maintain continuity, shorten the learning curve, and add value quickly.

We provide a fully dedicated resource of exceptional quality who will grasp the brief, understand the objective and deliver the solution at the speed you need.

Why Cougar?


  • Blue chip trained consultants with experience from SME to multi national
  • Vast experience in brands and retailer labels, from brand leaders to commodities
  • Proven methods in developing business strategy, management controls and coaching


  • Avoid full time employee costs whilst you establish project potential or business change
  • Contracts can vary in length to suit your needs
  • Project brief or role change can usually be agreed without changing consultant


  • Lower cost than traditional large management consultancy
  • 'No politics' perspective ensures honest feedback & advice
  • Fully integrated into your business so no conflicts on time or interest
  • Dedicated resource, will pursue & deliver the objectives within agreed timeframe